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Flexible GI Endoscopy has now become an integral part of the practice of Gastroenterology and GI Surgery. The speciality of GI Endoscopy has grown exponentially over the past six decades from a purely diagnostic modality into a powerful therapeutic tool. Surgeons practicing gastro-intestinal surgery can now treat a substantial number of GI problems by interventional endoscopic techniques rather than by surgery, thereby ensuring an excellent quality of care.

The most essential component of endoscopy training is to know how to handle and manoeuvre the flexible endoscope in the GI tract. Once mastered, it paves the way for learning further interventional procedures using the flexible endoscopy platform. In India, there is an inconsistency and non- uniformity of training surgeons in flexible GI endoscopy during their post graduate curriculum. In addition, some surgeons or practicing physicians perform GI endoscopy only after having observed some procedures at endoscopy centres or workshops. Therefore, there is a poor ratio of trained or so called "trained endoscopists”.


Is an educational initiative by Endoscopy research foundation through its academic wing called as the ‘INDIAN COLLEGE OF ENDOSCOPY’ specially designed for GI surgeons and physicians of today with the emphasis on mastering the proper techniques of performing flexible endoscopic procedures. Mediknit along with the Indian College of Endoscopy has developed a standardized training module to assist surgeons or physicians to enhance their practical skills and provide a window to enter into the exciting world of flexible GI endoscopy.

Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes


In today's world of minimal access surgery and interventional gastroenterology, any surgical or medical resident who aspires to make a mark in his field must master the technique of flexible GI endoscopy. This 8-week course comprises modules which will reinforce to develop the necessary knowledge to integrate upper GI flexible endoscopy in patient treatment algorithm along with a workshop to gain hands on experience which will focus on the basic techniques necessary to safely carry out a gastroscopy.

Who Should take up this course?

The training in Upper GI Endoscopy is available for Surgical and Gastroenterological Residents, Young physicians entering the field of GI endoscopy, surgeons practicing GI surgery who wants to start basic diagnostic and interventional Upper GI endoscopy in their day to day practice, surgeons & physicians wanting to pursue GI endoscopy in their future.


On completion of the course the participant should:

  • Enumerate the indications and contraindications for EGD procedures.
  • Discuss the proper use of sedation and monitoring in endoscopy.
  • Recognize the normal anatomy of the UGI tract.
  • Learn the proper technique of inserting and manipulating the upper GI flexible endoscope through the upper GI tract.
  • Interpret pathologic findings affecting the upper GI tract.
  • Learn how to take a biopsy from a suspected pathology in the upper GI tract.
  • Acquire knowledge of the possible adverse events related to EGD and describe how to avoid and manage them.
  • Learn how to clean and disinfect the upper GI flexible endoscope.
  • Learn the technique of basic interventional flexible GI endoscopy (Variceal endotherapy, Dilatation or cutting of strictures, Removal of foreign bodies, Polypectomy, Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, Esophageal metallic stent placement, Duodenal metallic stent placement.

Course Faculty


Dr Amit Maydeo

Dr Amit Maydeo

MS (Master of Surgery),
FASGE (Fellow of American Society for GI Endoscopy)

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Dr. Bhaskar Rajakumar

Dr. Bhaskar Rajakumar

MD Radiology, MBA

CEO, Mediknit


Module 1

  • Diagnostic upper GI endoscopy including technique of acquiring a good biopsy

Module 2

  • Endoscopic treatment of esophago-gastric varices (Acute as well as elective)

Module 3

  • Endoscopic treatment of benign esophageal strictures (Dilatation using balloons or bougies, Stricturotomy using various knives, Stent placement for benign strictures

Module 4

  • Esophageal metallic stent placement for advanced malignancy

Module 5

  • Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

Module 6

  • Duodenal metallic stent placement

Summative Assessments

  • 60 Questions, Online MCQ based


Practical Stations include:

  • Handling the upper GI endoscope
  • Basic technique of endoscope insertion and visualization of the upper GI tract

Endoscopic techniques to treat the following conditions will be demonstrated:

  • Endoscopic treatment of esophago-gastric variceal bleeding
  • Endoscopic treatment of benign esophageal strictures
  • Endoscopic palliation of malignant esophageal strictures
  • Endoscopic placement of a gastrostomy tube


Certificate Course in Masterclass in Upper GI Endoscopy Certificate


  • MS (Gastrointestinal Surgery) or DNB (Gastrointestinal Surgery) passed surgeons
  • Post Graduate Students pursing MS Surgery / DNB (Surgery)


Medical Council of India does not recognize courses that are offered through online or blended learning platform.

No. The aim of this course is to be a form of continuing professional development that will increase your clinical knowledge, and improve your skills. It is not a replacement to formal medical education and specialization.

This is a ‘Blended’ learning program. Online can be accessed on laptop/ desktop/ tablet/ mobile with good internet connection and you need to attend a minimum of 1 week. The program is available for a duration of 12 weeks or course duration (whichever is longer) from your date of joining the course. You could study as much as you can and as many times as you wish in that duration.

Once you complete the enrollment process, you will be provided with a unique enrollment number and login details to If in case, you haven’t received the same within 3 working days from enrollment, please feel free to call us on +91 78997 23391 or write to us on

Our team is always ready to assist for queries, feel free to call us on +91 78997 23391 (Mon-Fri, 9AM – 6 PM), email us on We promise to resolve the query at the earliest.

All assessments are online and MCQ based. You will also be given a final exam successful completion of which will make you eligible for the certification.

The final online test will be unlocked as soon as you complete all the lectures. It will only be available for total of 12 weeks or the course duration (whichever is longer) from your date of joining the course.

Three attempts, third attempt will be released on email request only.

If you are not able to clear the test in the provided number of attempts. You have to pay Re-exam fee, for details Contact +91 78997 23391 or write to us at

If you feel that something is wrong with respect to the content or assessment, you can write at, directing it to the course coordinator, Dr. Bhaskar Rajakumar.

Once you successfully pass your final exam, you can download the E-Certificate from If you need assistance, please feel free to call on +91 78997 23391.

This course completion certificate is issued by Mediknit and ICE and the course being delivered by well-renowned clinical expert in the field of Endoscopy. This training course will help you enhance your knowledge and understanding in various aspects of endoscopy. Presently, there are no credit points accredited to any university / medical body for this course.

No. We do not provide any placement assistance or guarantee.

Yes. The course and the content are relevant across the globe for International Students before enrolling can contact the learner management team by writing to or call +91 9686199051

For any feedback regarding the course, please write to us at


Course Fee
  • 5000 */- Inclusive of GST payable on registration (Non-refundable).
  • 20000 */- + Inclusive of GST payable on confirmation of admission.
  • All above mentioned fees are in INR and applicable only in SAARC countries and Africa. Conversion and bank charges for international payments will be additional.
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Notes :

* Fees inclusive of 18% GST.  

* At no instance the registration fees shall be refunded, if the applicant is either disqualified or fails to take up the course.

* On short listing the names if the applicant chooses not to take up the course, he shall inform not later than 10 days from the date of short list announcement. 

Documents required

* Applicant may enclose a valid UG & PG degree certificate/ Letter from HOD, Address Proof (AADHAR CARD/ PASSPORT/ DRIVING LICENSE/ PASSBOOK).

* Kindly note that all the applications shall be screened and selected by the course director(s). 

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